Review: 4 Socket-A Heavyweight Heatsinks

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October 25, 2002 by Mike Chin

We have three celebrated heavyweights and a renown low-noise specialist for our first heatsink roundup review. The contenders: Thermalright SLK800 and AX7, the venerable Swiftech MC462A, and the CNPS6000Cu from low noise specialist Zalman. All are socket-A (AMD) heatsinks noted for their excellent design, superb finish and good performance. The first three are darlings of overclockers and performance nuts who usually use noisy high airflow fans; the Zalman is designed specifically for good cooling with low noise (read: low airflow).

4 heavyweight HS contenders

They were chosen in anticipation of high performance with our quiet reference fan. The main question we're asking is:

How well does this HS perform with this low noise, low airflow fan?

If you have not already done so, you're strongly urged to read page one (at least) of our Heatsink Testing Methodology article. We do things differently; the article explains it all in detail.

Thermalright SLK800 - p.2

Thermalright AX7 - p.3

Zalman CNPS6000Cu - p.4

Swiftech MC462A - p.5

Test Results, Data Analysis and Conclusions - p.6


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