Review: Heavyweight P4 Heatsink Roundup

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Products CNPS6500B-AlCu and CNPS6500B-Cu P4 Heatsinks
Manufacturer Zalman
Supplier Zalman USA
Market Prices CNPS6500B-AlCu: US$41; 6500B-Cu: US$50

The P4 versions of the now-familiar "flower" heatsinks are the largest in the Zalman line. Two main variants are available: Cu, an all-copper unit, and AlCu, which has mostly aluminum fins with a center of about a dozen copper fins. The Cu model offers the highest cooling performance while the AlCu offers close to the same performance with a huge reduction in weight. The AlCu model is also cheaper.

The base finish of these unique heatsinks is excellent, as all Zalman heatsinks seem to be. I won't go into detail about how they're made, as this has been covered in depth in our 6000CU review and elsewhere. Suffice it to say many thin slotted metal sheets are clamped tightly together: on one side of the clamp, the metal sheets are spread out to make fins, on the other side, edges of the clamped sheets are polished to make the base.

The B designation refers to the mounting system for these heatsinks. It is simple to use, consisting of two plastic clips that engage the HSF mounting frame on P4-Socket 478 motherboards. The 6500s are also available with a bolt-through-motherboard mounting system suitable for both Socket 423 and Socket 478 P4s. These models have the A designation: 6500A.

The A version may offer more security during transportation. Their primary use is for Socket 423, the B mounting system is exclusively for the 478 Socket.

Zalman's Specifications

Specifications CNPS6500B-AlCu CNPS6500B-Cu
Part Number ZM6568CE-AlCu ZM6568CE-Cu
Dimensions (mm) 115~120 (L) x 83(W) x 65 (H)
Dissipation Area (cm2) 3300~3400
Base Material Pure Copper + Aluminum Pure Copper
Weight (g) 400 *898
Thermal Resistance (Deg.C/W) Silent 0.36 0.33
Normal 0.30 0.28

* The maximum weight of a heatsink is specified as 450g for use with Intel's Pentium 4 processor. If a heatsink which exceeds the relevant weight limit is installed in a computer, special care should be taken while the computer is being moved. Zalman Tech. Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damage to a system or a CPU occurring when moving a computer with an overweight heatsink. (Zalman's footnote)

Note the high mass of the all-copper model, and their warning footnote. At nearly a kilogram or a full 2 pounds, the 6500Cu is about the heaviest CPU heatsink ever offered commercially. Heeding their warning would be wise.

Both heatsinks come supplied with a Fan Bracket BR123 (with mounting screws) and Zalman-branded 92mm sleeve bearing fan. The bracket mounts on PCI slot screws, and positions the fan over the HS without touching it. The single thumbscrew allows a wide range of Fan position. Very ingenious. Their clever 5~11V Fanmate 1 fan controller and thermal interface material in an applicator tube are also provided. All this in a nicely packaged box, executed with the neat marketing flair Zalman now shows with all its products.

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