Review: Heavyweight P4 Heatsink Roundup

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Product AX-478
Manufacturer Thermalright Inc.
Market Price US$26~30

Does it look familiar? It should: the Thermalright AX478 is essentially an AX7 (Socket A heatsink) with a larger copper base made to fit Socket 478. In case that sounds like a criticism, rest assured, it is not: the AX7 is a top notch cooler for AMD processors. This model is priced the same as the AX7. Very modest for the level of quality.

The chunky wide-spaced fins are made from a single block of aluminum. I believe the wider than usual fin spacing is part of the AX7's success with the very low airflow test in our first HS roundup review. The base is made of a rectangular piece of copper, plated -- to prevent discoloration and oxidation? The finish of the base is excellent, smooth and flat. The aluminum fin block and the copper base appear to be soldered together.

The mounting clips latch on to the plastic retention frame provided on P4-Socket 478 motherboards. It is simple to use, like most Socket 478 mounting clips, and secure. As with the AX7, 4 long screws and 4 rubber grommets are provided to (somewhat) decouple-mount the fan of your choice to the top of the HS. The screws are sized so they fit tightly between fins in the corners.

Size: Top 77 x 77 x 78 mm high; Bottom 83 x 77 x 78mm;

Weight: 620gms (with 80mm fan) -- which suggests the HS by itself is around 500 grams or less.

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