Review: Heavyweight P4 Heatsink Roundup

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Product OCZ P4 Eliminator Passive
Manufacturer OCZ Technology
Market Price ~US$45

OCZ Technology offers high performance RAM and heatsinks. A bit of an odd mix, and the company has had success with both lines of products. Their press release in October stated:

By using a heatsink constructed of 100% skived copper, the P4 Eliminator can keep your P4 running cool, “eliminating” the need for a fan! The P4 Eliminator utilizes high grade copper and large surface area to effectively reduce the extreme thermal temperatures associated with Intel Pentium 4 processors.

That was enough for us to try and get one in for testing. Here are some basic specifications:

  • For Socket 478 P4 up to 2.0Ghz and beyond with good case ventilation.
  • 503 Grams of 100% C1020 Skived Copper
  • 89.5x63.5x25 Dimensions 39
  • Fins .55 mm Thick

As you can see the smoothness and flatness of the base is excellent, likely the best in this group by a tiny margin. The HS is a starightforward rectangular block design, very well manufactured.

Interestingly, the Eliminator uses a mounting system that requires the replacement of the standard plastic frame supplied with most motherboards. It also requires the use of a backing metal support plate beneath the motherboard. Small screws are used to install the frame and backing plate. Their replacement frame has two integrated steel rod hooks which work well to clamp the heatsink securely in place.

I would venture to guess that this is to appease system integrators who may be reluctant to exceed Intel's recommended 450 grams maximum mass HS recommendation. This does mean removal of the motherboard from a case if you are installing the Eliminator in an existing system. The short height of the fins suggests suitable application in a low profiles 1U or 2U server type case.

Two other versions are available: one with a 60 x 10 mm fan (not quiet) that screws directly into the top of the fins, and another with a 80mm thermally-controlled 80mm fan that goes into a clear plastic or plexiglass plate mount on top of the HS. See their description here.

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