Antec NSK2400 / Fusion Media PC Case

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You've seen the front and right side of the case. Here's a shot from the other angle.

The desired look: Clean, crisp lines and a sleek look.

Note the vents on the left. These are the intakes for the PSU chamber. The top vent is an intake designed to help cool the graphics card. All this becomes clearer when the interior is seen.

All the vents you see are intakes — except for the PSU fan exhaust.

One thing to note about the PSU — it is mounted right side up, but it can be mounted upside down as well. There are mounting holes on the chassis to allow this, as you can also see on the photo below. The reason is so that a 120mm fan PSU will have its intake fan facing up rather than down.

PSU mounting area. Note the rubber feet that provide bottom support for the power supply.

Front bottom right, underside: Note the extensive grill vents on the bottom. These are intakes again.

The right feet: The front one is cosmetically nicer, with a rubber insert in the center;
the back one is all soft silicone rubber.

The top is a flat one piece cover that is bayonet mounted, then locked with a single thumbscrew on the back panel.

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