Antec NSK2400 / Fusion Media PC Case

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The last photo brings us to the hard drive bays. Two drives can be accommodated in silicone rubber grommets that eliminate tight physical coupling between the drive and the chassis. This is to minimize vibration conducted into the chassis, which usually increase noise, especially lower frequency noise, by causing the chassis panels to vibrate. These are the same grommets used in two other Antec cases, the P180 and the P150. The drives are vertically mounted, as shown in the photos below.

Undo four screws to remove the top bracket.

Slide the drive on these brackets on the bottom, and atop the bottom silicone rubber grommets.

There is only one correct way to insert the drive, with its "top" facing the motherboard chamber.
Use the supplied long screws with large flanges from the bottom outside first.

HDD installed.

Another aspect of the HDD location and the venting below it is that as long as at least one of the 120mm fans in the case is spinning, the HDD will benefit from cooling airflow across its surface. When only one drive is used, it is best for cooling to mount it closest to the motherboard chamber, as shown above.


It's a sturdy 2-bay box which drops into place via bayonet mounts. It does not get screwed down, gravity keeps it in place. The drive cage also has two round rubber pads that press against the top cover when it's installed. This is perfectly secure. No specific cooling is provided for the CD drives, but they get some benefit of airflow from the PSU just behind.

2-bay CD drive cage.


The NSK2400 takes advantage of the horizontal layout by using left side intake vents for the power supply. It's an very short path to the PSU intake vents. Because PSU is in its own separate chamber, no heat from the rest of the system can make its way into the PSU, only cooler outside air. This means a thermally controlled fan will be much less likely to ramp up in speed, as the PSU will run cooler even under high load. Better cooling also means improved longevity for any electronic component. If you decide to change the stock PSU and use a 120mm fan PSU, it can be mounted upside down so that the fan faces upwards.

PSU has its own dedicated intake vents.

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