Antec SU380 power supply (in NSK2400 case)

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April 18, 2006 by Devon Cooke

SU380 ATX12V power supply
supplied in Antec NSK2400 Media PC Case
N/A; US$99 for case & PSU

This power supply comes installed in the Antec NSK2400 media desktop case. The spec sheet for the NSK2400 calls the power supply a "New Solution Power ATX 12V for AMD & Intel systems". At the time of writing, this PSU can only be found in the NSK2400, and Antec appears to have no plans to make it available as a separately packaged retail product.

So why not review the SU380 PSU along with the NSK2400 case and treat them together as one unit?


  • The NSK2400 case is quite unusual and required much examination, which means the review was already really long. Adding the PSU details would have made it way too long.
  • SPCR readers are among the most experimental PC assemblers. They will want to know about the performance of the case separate from the bundled PSU.
  • The NS2400 and SU380 may not always be bundled together.
  • The SU380 PSU turns out to be good enough to merit a stand-alone review.

This review assumes, naturally, that the SH380 PSU will be used in the NSK2400 case. It is also considerably shorter and condensed compared to our usual PSU reviews. You have to keep in mind that this PSU cannot be purchased on its own.

Link to Antec NSK2400 Review

The SU380 is a modern design, with full active power factor correction and auto-ranging AC input voltage.

PSU label: All the safety agency approvals and clearly marked output ratings.
Note minimum 12V power requirement.

SU380 comes installed in the NSK2400.

The PSU is cooled by an 80mm fan in a "straight-through" airflow configuration, much like Antec's NeoHE. The intake vents are not particularly open, but there are enough of them that the air should be drawn evenly across the whole inner panel.

Antec SU380 and Seasonic S12-330.

With the cover off, the SU380 bears a more-than-coincidental resemblance to the Antec NeoHE and to the Seasonic S12 line of power supplies. With the exception with the design of the heatsinks, the internal layout of the PCB appears to be identical to the lower capacity Seasonic S12 models. A visual comparison below to the earlier Seasonic Super Silencer, which we recommended highly, leaves no doubt; here, the resemblance is unmistakable.

Antec SU380 and Seasonic Super Silencer 460.

The cable lengths should be plentiful no matter how complex the wiring gets. The main ATX and Aux cables are both 25" long, which is longer than most retail power supplies. All of the other cables have plenty of slack for where they need to go. If anything, they are a touch on the long side, but fortunately there's plenty of room to store slack in the space underneath the optical drive bay.

Very long cables.

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