Quiet DIY OC'ed Pentium D 830 System, Part Two

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At last I could declare victory. A 325W system completely stable, very tidy, and almost totally silent. And did I mention fast?

Here's a photo of the back panel, showing the video card duct:

back panel showing video card duct
Back panel of the finished system; the top slot is the video card duct.

And one of the front panel, showing the Kama Bay and dust filters:

front panel of finished system, showing dust filters
Front panel of the finished system: Kama Bay at the top, P180 dust filters below.

And finally one of the guts of the system:

guts of the finished system
Inside the finished system: Four fans, three ducts, two baffles, and lots of copper and foam. The final fan speeds are 545, 720, 720 and 840 RPM at idle, and 545, 720, 840 and 860 RPM under full load. The only way I can tell the system is making noise is to get right beside it, or to turn it off.

And yes, the guy who got me started on all this was right. It was "tons of fun".

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Editor's Note: Much thanks to Chris Thomson for sharing his experience with us again.
Chris Thomson's moniker in the SPCR forum is cmthomson, and he may be reached by email at cmthomson at comcast dot net.

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Chris Thomson's original article: Quiet DIY OC'ed Pentium D 830 System, Part One

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