Seasonic S12-330 PSU, new sleeved version

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April 27, 2006 by Devon Cooke

Seasonic S12-330 new sleeved version
330W ATX12V 2.01 Power Supply with sleeved cables
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Since it was introduced in early 2005, Seasonic's S12 series has been recommended on SPCR more than any other power supply. We consider it a quiet reference, against which other power supplies can be measured. Even so, the S12 is not perfect — there are too many variations in individual circumstances for one power supply to work for all users. For example, many potential users have been disappointed to learn that the lower capacity S12's did not come with a PCI Express connector — despite the fact that they are more than capable of supplying enough power.

The special status of the S12 warrants a little bit of special attention. We've looked at three S12 models previously, the 430 watt model and the 500 and 600 watt models, but a new revision that addresses the lack of PCIe connector makes the S12 worth another look. This time, we're looking at the baby of the bunch: The S12-330. 330 watts is enough power for almost any desktop machine with the exception of dual-video card gaming rigs, but there may be differences in addition to capacity.

Unlike the changes made in the last revision, the new changes are concerned with cosmetics and usability, not the internal design. This means that the newly revised S12's are quite easy to identify, not least because they sport a new, more colorful and slightly smaller retail box. At the same time, some changes have been made to the accessories bundled with the S12:

  • Dr. Cable (a system for cable management) has been dropped in favor of simple cable sleeving.
  • The IDE to 5 volt / 12 volt fan-header adapter is no longer included
  • A new IDE to 2 x Floppy adapter is included, as there are no longer any floppy connectors on the base cables

The new box on the right is smaller but brighter and more visible.

Some other changes were summarized quite succinctly by forum user dhanson865:

  • 6 HDD connectors (previously 5) - 330 & 380W models
  • 6 HDD connectors (no change) - 430W model
  • 9 HDD connectors (previously 6) - 500 & 600W models
  • 4 SATA connectors (previously 2) - 330, 380 & 430W models
  • 6 SATA connectors (previously 2 or 3 depending on US version or not) - 500W model
  • 6 SATA connectors (previously 4) - 600W model
  • 1 PCIe power connector (previously 0) - 330, 380 & 430W models
  • Longer (black) sleeved cables - All
  • RoHS compliant - All

One final change is that the Fan RPM monitor cable has been removed. It is no longer possible to monitor the speed of the internal fan. Most likely, it was dropped because so many motherboards have trouble detecting an RPM signal at the slow speed that the fan spins.

AC Input
100~240 VAC / 50~60 Hz
DC Output
Maximum Output Current

Maximum Combined


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