Seasonic S12-330 PSU, new sleeved version

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The exterior casing has not changed between revisions; so the spec label and the cables are the only visual means of identifying the new version.

One concern with the original casing is that there are many vents that exhaust heat into the system rather than out the back panel. This is still an issue with the latest revision. That said, these vents are partially responsible for the excellent cooling in the S12 line, so the tradeoff may be worth it for the reduction in noise that it makes possible.

Heatsinks are smaller in the low end 330 watt model...

Under the hood, things look sparser than the models we've looked at previously. However, this can probably be attributed to the lower capacity of our sample, not to the different revision. The extra room comes from the smaller heatsinks that are used in the 330 watt model. The heatsinks use the same basic design as the S12-430, but the individual fins are shorter and there are no "split-level" heatsinks that double the number of fins.

...but the basic circuit hasn't changed.

The fan controller no longer supports an RPM sensing signal.

For comparison: The 430 watt version has larger, more effective heatsinks.

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