Remote Storage with the Newisys NA-1400 NAS Appliance

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The few ports are logically located, with the ethernet ports and the power jack located at the bottom of the back panel, and the USB ports and the power button accessible from the front. One minor issue was the position of the USB ports, which are recessed below the door, making them difficult to see when looking down on the box. However, it's hard to complain about this: It's only a problem when the box is placed near the ground. Besides, the USB ports are unlikely to see heavy use under ordinary circumstances.

The power button and a pair of USB ports are accessible even when the door is locked.

Twin gigabit ethernet ports, a 19V power connector, and a hole for a Kensington lock.

Cooling in the NA-1400 is provided by a single bottom-mounted fan that blows upwards, forcing air through the system. The majority of the air should flow up the sides of the case, which are hollow, then force its way between the drives and eventually out the front panel. Unfortunately, there is very little space between the drives, so the airflow is very restricted. It probably takes a lot of pressure to force enough air through the system, which virtually dictates a high speed, noisy fan.

The bottom-mounted fan requires adequate clearance underneath the system. It is also likely to collect dust quite easily. We learned both of these lessons the hard way; suffice to say that putting the NA-1400 on a carpeted surface is a bad idea. As long as the unit is placed on a hard surface, there should be no issues with cooling.

ECC RAM guards against data corruption.
Cooling is provided by air that flows around the side of the circuit board.

The drive cartridges allow air to flow out the front.
Two blue LEDs on the right light up when the drive is reading or writing.

The drives plug into this PCB at the back of the box.

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