SilverStone Temjin TJ-07

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Like the TJ-06 before it, the internal layout of the TJ-07 is unconventional. Most strikingly, there are no air vents anywhere near the front of the case. The front bezel is part of a continuous piece of metal that forms the top, front, and bottom panels of the case. This is the uni-body frame that SilverStone is boasting about. The side edges of this continuous piece are nearly a centimeter thick, making the main body more rigid that just about every other aluminum case on the market and a good many steel ones as well. The middle is about half as thick, but even this is much thicker than most aluminum cases.

All of this is good for noise. The absence of vents means there are no direct sound paths in front of the case, and the thickness of the material means that noise and vibration in the case are more likely to be contained within it and less likely to cause resonance.

No front vents at all.

Plentiful front ports.

In an ordinary case, vents in the front bezel are the primary sources of fresh air. The TJ-07 intakes are on the back panel. There are two 92mm fans on the back panel, both of which feature wire grills. They are positioned to blow directly at the CPU area, providing fresh air to what is often the hottest component in the system .

All of these vents are intakes, not exhausts.

These 92mm fans represent the main intakes for the main part of the case. The square-hole vents beside and below the fans could be exhaust holes if these fans were the the only air movers, but they are not. There are also two 120mm fans on the top panel, and they are the primary air exhaust paths. Because they move considerably more air than the 92mm fans, as long as the 120mm fans are spinning, all the back panel vents function as intake vents.

The rear two thirds of the top face provide the only points of exhaust.

The twin exhaust 120 mm fans fit into a harness hanging from the top. The harness and the top vent are all part of a single piece of wire mesh that is painted silver to blend in with the top. The mesh is quite restrictive; at least 50% of the area is solid metal.

The mesh that protects the fans is quite restrictive.

Secondary intakes are the two large air vents that run the length of the case along the bottom of each side panel. These vents are well below the bottom of the motherboard, and are designed mainly to provide air to the power supply and the hard drives, located in a separate chamber from the rest of the system. This layout is reminiscent of the PSU chamber in the Antec P180, with one important difference. The airflow from the power supply can provide cooling for the hard drives in the P180, but in the TJ-07, each of the two hard drive cages has its own 120mm fan.

When these HDD cage fans are turned on, the bottom vents no longer function as secondary intakes. Instead, the left side of the case becomes an intake and the right side an exhaust for the bottom fans. The side vents also provide fresh air for the power supply(ies). Fresh air is drawn in from the sides, and exhausted directly out the back of the case.

The function of the vents on the side panels depends on whether the bottom fans are in use
and how fast the fan in the power supply is spinning.

With the main exhaust located on the top of the case, care needs to be taken to ensure that nothing accidentally blocks or spills into the vent. Books and liquids are probably the biggest risks. The position of the case is also important: The TJ-07 is tall enough that many desks may not provide enough clearance above the case — if it fits at all.

It is also wise to consider the temperature of air behind the case. For example, cooling might suffer if the TJ-07 was simply jammed into a corner; the heat exhausted from the power supply at the bottom of the case could warm up this area and get recirculated back into the system by the 92mm fan intakes. A little extra room behind the TJ-07 should ensure that the PSU exhaust air is sufficiently diluted with room-temperature air.

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