SilverStone Temjin TJ-07

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Although the outer frame is made from thick aluminum, the two side panels and all of the internal panels are made of thinner 2mm aluminum. By normal aluminum case standards, 2mm is a very heavy gauge. However, it's still lighter than 1mm thick steel.

Internal panels are are large and thin: Perfect for transmitting vibration.

None of the internal joints are secured with rivets. Instead, the entire case is screwed together, and could be taken apart completely if desired. It is much easier to tighten screws than rivets if they loosen over time.

All joints are secured with screws, not rivets.

More screws.

The overall fit of the case is not as tight as it could be. For example, even when the side panels are fully in place, there are gaps of a couple millimeters around the front edges of the panel. These gaps may be necessary to prevent the case from warping as it expands and contracts with temperature, but there may be an acoustic price to be paid. The loose fit provides ample opportunity for panels to rattle against each other.

The mesh on the side panels is held in place by bent tabs that may allow it to vibrate.

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