SilverStone Temjin TJ-07

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Power Supply

Interestingly, there is enough room for two power supplies to be mounted side by side. If they are 120mm power supplies, both fans will face outwards as needed to prevent one power supply from blocking the other. However, it would have been nice if SilverStone had made it possible install a single power supply with the fan facing inwards, as this would leave more room for damping and/or a duct to the drive cages to be constructed around the power supply.

Although the primary intake vent is located on the bottom, there are also vents on the rear panel that allow air into the case.

Installing the power supply is a bit fiddly. The power supply cannot be put into the bottom chamber except from the back, after the PSU mounting plate is removed. The lips on the bottom sides are too tall for the PSU to be slipped in through the sides. The best solution is to remove the mounting plate, slip the PSU into the space, screw the mounting plate back onto the chassis, then screw the PSU onto the mounting plate. Don't screw the bracket on the PSU first, as the bracket then hangs awkwardly to one side. This makes aligning the screwholes difficult, and the tendency of the screws to bind in the aluminum doesn't make things any easier. (SilverStone opted not to use thumbscrews for the power supply).

The power supply goes on a separate bracket.

A Seasonic S12 installed: This style of PSU draws air in from the side and exhausts it out the back.

Hard Drives

In addition to the power supply, there is room for six hard drives in the bottom chamber. Two identical drive cages, each holding a fan and three drives, sit side by side. The cages are secured by a single spring-loaded thumbscrew that, thankfully, screws into steel, not aluminum.

Getting the drive cages out of the case is a bit counterintuitive. For starters, the thumbscrews that secure them are not immediately visible when the motherboard is facing up. In fact, there is no indication that there is any room for drives at all: The two fans hide the drive rails behind them. To remove the drive cages, both side panels need to be removed and the case needs to be stood upright. The thumbscrews, which are located on the "back" side, can then be loosened and the drive cage pushed out the other side.

The two drive cages have a fan each.

The base for the drive cages is made of steel.

The drives themselves are meant to be hard mounted in the cage with ordinary screws. There is no room for damping grommets.

Each drive cage come with a built-in fan.

There is plenty of room for suspending or otherwise soft-mounting drives in some of the seven optical drive bays. Most likely, SilverStone intends this space to be used for modding purposes, as few users have seven optical drives unless they are building a duplicating tower — and that doesn't require a $350 case. There is plenty of room for a watercooling kit, several fan controllers, or a complex lighting setup.

No matter how many options the space gives, the most common use will probably be for optical drives, but the TJ-07 doesn't make installing optical drives easy. Like the hard drives, both side panels need to be removed to install an optical drive. Unlike most cases, there are no guide-tracks to help keep the drive in place while it is being screwed in. It is possible to end up with a diagonally mounted drive because the wrong screw holes were used if you're not paying attention.

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