Zalman HD160 Home Theater PC Enclosure

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You've seen the front and left side of the case. Here's a shot from the other angle.

The extensive i/o panel is hidden behind a drop down door.

Note the vents on right side, near the back. This is the intake vent for the PSU. There is a top vent as well, and it can be seen better in the photos below.

The two back panel 80mm exhaust fans are mounted with the usual screws and large rubber grommets; the latter look substantial enough (and not too compressed) to have some effect in reducing fan vibration transfer into the case.

Only the two 80 fans are exhausts — all other vents in the case are meant to be intakes.

The top vent is directly over the CPU area. It can be closed or open, or set to any position in between as shown in the animated GIF below. A small coin or slot screwdriver can be used to make this adjustment. This vent is in line with Intel's recommendations for a fresh air vent for their TAC (Thermally Advantaged Case) specification, but the HD160 lacks the additional vent for VGA cooling that TAC also specifies. Probably because it's adjustable, the vent does rattle a bit when the top panel is tapped.

Top intake vent is adjustable.

Almost ubiquitous stylized feet, with a rubber insert in the center.

The bottom panel has two intake vents, one at the front directly beneath the hard drive cage, and the other just in front of the PSU area.

The top of the photo is the front of the case.

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