Spire Verticool II SP601B3 tower heatsink

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May 22, 2006 by Devon Cooke

Spire Verticool II SP601B3
Socket 775 / K8 CPU Heatsink
Market Price
less than US$30

Spire is an old heatsink brand, overshadowed in the retail market by the likes of Zalman, Scythe, and Thermalright. This is not a slight; most of Spire's business is done with OEM companies who have different requirements in a heatsink. Spire does not aspire to deliver the biggest, coolest, or quietest heatsink of them all; instead, their products are designed for mass production. Low cost plays just as big a role as performance in their design decisions.

SPCR has reviewed several Spire coolers in the past, most recently the CoolGate in mid-2004. Generally, Spire coolers have tended to be inexpensive and effective but loud, with poor-quality stock fans. However, the marketplace has changed significantly since 2004, and low noise now gets a mention on the feature sheet of nearly every heatsink on the market. Spire's product line has evolved, and their Verticool II looks like it could give Scythe and Arctic Cooling some competition in the budget heatsink department.

The Verticool II is a heatpipe-based tower cooler with an unconventional 80mm fan. The design is quite similar to Arctic Cooling's Freezer Pro series of heatsinks, and it carries a similar price tag.

No-frills retail packaging and just enough parts to support LGA775 and K8 platforms.

Only two mounting systems are supported: Intel's LGA775 platform that supports all of Intel's hottest chips, and AMD's K8 platform (Sockets 754/939/940). The lifetime of the Verticool II is likely to be short; AMD's upcoming AM2 socket will diminish demand for older K8 heatsinks, and Intel's transition to BTX will probably render LGA775 obsolete when their post-Netburst processors go mainstream.

Spire Verticool II SP601B3: Feature Highlights (from the product web page)
Feature & Brief Our Comment
Supports all new Intel & AMD micro-processors
No longer true; Intel's Core Duo chips do not use the LGA775 HS mounting system, and AMD's AM2 platform requires a different setup.
All new UV-reactant 80mm Spider-Fan design
Smaller frame than a conventional fan.
Amazingly silent at just 19.0 dBA
No measurement distance given.
2 Thermally improved heat-pipes
Thermally improved... compared to?
All copper base
A common feature, but helpful in ensuring good heat transfer from the CPU.
45 stamped Aluminum Micro-Fins
About average density. Too few fins reduces surface area, and too many makes them too closely spaced to cool effectively.
Dual-Core ready for both Intel & AMD!

Spire Verticool II SP601B3: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Supported CPU Platforms
Socket 754 / 940 / 775 / 939
Heat sink: 95 × 65 × 100 mm (l × w × h)
12VDC Fan : 80 × 80 × 25 mm
Ball bearing
Rated speed
2,300 RPM ±10%
Rated power
Noise Level
19.0 dBA
Air flow
25.78 CFM at 2,300 RPM
Life Hours
Ball: 50,000 h
Blue transparent spider fan
2 heatpipes
Aluminum Micro-Fin
Copper base
3 pin, mainboard
Celeron D ~ 2.93 GHz (340J)
Pentium 4 ~ 3.73 GHz (775 Prescott)
Pentium D ~ 3.4 GHz (775 Dual-Core)
Pentium EE ~ 3.73 GHz (775 Dual-Core)
Athlon 64 ~ 4800+ (K8)
Athlon 64 FX-51 (K8)
Athlon 64 FX-53 (K8)
Athlon 64 FX-55 (K8)
Opteron ~ 2.6 (K8)
Sempron ~ 3300+ (K8)
Thermal Resistance
0.21 (AMD) & 0.23 (INTEL) °C/W
Thermal type
Stars-420 white grease (Injection tube)

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