Spire Verticool II SP601B3 tower heatsink

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A pair of U-shaped heatpipes carry heat from the copper base of the heatsink to a stack of 45 aluminum fins. The fins are sandwiched by a blue aluminum frame that provides mounting points for the transparent blue fan. The individual fins are quite thin, deep and closely spaced.

The fins are quite deep and closely spaced, and may require substantial airflow to be effective.

Fan removed. Note the slightly concave shape of the fins where the fan would be.

The bottom fins are slightly smaller to improve clearance.

The base is so smooth that reflections in it are perfectly clear. This characteristic has been seen before on a Spire heatsink; Edward Ng commented on it in his review of the Spire CoolGate. In this case, the mirror finish appears to be the result of copper plating. The material underneath the plating is unknown. A comment from the earlier review also applies here: "Anything beyond a "satin" finish is almost purely for cosmetics; Flatness is more important than polish". Our sample had no issues with flatness.

The base is copper plated, rendering it mirror-smooth.

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