VIA EPIA EN12000E: Today's most efficient CPU & mainboard

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The BIOS is fairly flexible, although it is clearly not targeted at overclockers. The usual range of peripherals and interrupts can be tinkered with, as can memory timings and even FSB. However, the CPU multiplier and processor voltage are not adjustable up or down. There are also several options for configuring TV output and enabling multiple displays.

Thermal Monitor 1 & 2 are similar to Intel's CPU throttling and SpeedStep features.

CPU and system temperatures can be monitored, as can two fan speeds and all of the usual voltages. However, no adjustments are available of any kind. This is of particular concern where the fans are involved. It appears that both headers run at 12V all of the time; there was no way of enabling or disabling any onboard fan controller.

Plenty of onboard monitoring, but little adjustment.

Four categories of display devices are supported, but only two can be used simultaneously.

One unusual feature was the ability of the board to power down the hard drive when it is not in use. The user can set a delay between 1~15 minutes before this happens.

The board can spin down the hard drive automatically when it's not in use.

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