Enermax Noisetaker II (Rev. 2.2): A New Rev of an Old Fave

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Physically, the new revision looks very similar to its predecessors. It is the same navy blue with gold fan grills, has the same fan control knob on the back panel, and uses the same cable sleeving. Cooling is provided by a pair of fans: A 92mm fan mounted on the bottom, and an 80mm fan to pull the air out of the case altogether.

Navy blue and gold: Royal colors.

One slight difference is visible on the inside panel: The internal vent has been shrunk significantly to eliminate the short-circuit in the airflow that would otherwise have been the result. The photos that follow illustrate the difference.

The size of the inner vent has been reduced...

...from this size on the last revision.

Aside from the inner vent, the only ways that air can move through the power supply are through the two fans. The airflow path is as you would expect: Air is blown in by the bottom fan and is exhausted by the rear fan.

Air flows in at the top and out the back.
The knob by the power switch controls fan speed.

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