ASUS Terminator 2 T2-AE1: Mod-friendly Barebones System

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ASUS calls the T2-AE1 a "Mini-Tower" system, which is a fairly accurate description. The case is roughly twice as tall as it is wide and, despite being a little to big to be called a small form factor system, its footprint is small enough that it could easily find a home sitting on a desk rather than underneath it.

The Terminator 2 is a dark silvery gray, presumably in tribute to James Cameron's infamous android. There is a certain irony to using a robot from the future to promote what is now technology from the past.

The fascia is handsome and sedate enough to be used in a public setting. It has a businesslike look to it, and one can imagine it being used in an office or a bank.

Dark gray panels make the T2-AE1 look like a pint-sized filing cabinet.

The front panel has room for a pair of optical drives, a floppy drive and the usual front panel connectors, but you wouldn't know it from looking; they are all hidden behind stealthed doors that camouflage the functional parts of the system.

Optical drives are hidden behind stealthed doors.

Front panel connections are located behind a door at the bottom of the system.

System airflow is generated by two fans: A 92mm system fan and an 80mm fan in the power supply. Both blow out the back of the system, drawing air from two vents on the side panels. The majority of the airflow comes from the left vent, since the right one is almost entirely blocked by the motherboard tray.

Airflow out the back is provided by a 92mm case fan and an 80mm fan in the power supply.

Only a minimum of airflow comes through the right side vent, blocked as it is by the motherboard tray.

An extension to the motherboard provides room for extra connectors: MIDI, Serial and S/PDIF.

The position of the expansion slots at the bottom of the case is cause for a little concern, since there are no vents of any kind in this section of the case and the power supply appears to block much of the space along the top edge of the card.

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