ASUS Terminator 2 T2-AE1: Mod-friendly Barebones System

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The included heatsink is quite small and has an industrial look to it. It is built around a copper core with aluminum fins that direct air outwards and uses clips meant to engage a Socket 478 HS retention bracket. In case you didn't notice in the previous photos, although the T2-AE1 is a K8-based system, the heatsink retention bracket is compatible with both K8 and Socket 478. Airflow is provided by a thin 80mm fan with custom 70mm mountings. The fan has the ASUS brand on it, so the OEM could not be identified.

Exhaust air from the heatsink gets sprayed in all directions, which should generate some much needed airflow along the surface of the motherboard.

From a cooling standpoint, the heatsink looks adequate but unimpressive. It is almost certainly incapable of cooling a hot Athlon 64 processor quietly, but it may be good enough to cope with a Sempron 64.

Space is at a premium, so ASUS used a low-profile fan on a low-profile heatsink.

The heatsink is shipped with thermal interface material already in place, which should make things a bit simpler for first-time users.

Thermal interface material comes pre-applied.


The power supply comes from Delta, the world's largest manufacturer of power supplies. The model number is not listed on Delta's web site, but it appears to be based on an SFX12V power supply. Unfortunately, it cannot be easily replaced if it fails because the mounting holes do not conform to any standard.

The power rating is 200W, with 10A on the +12V rail — enough for a midrange processor and a midrange graphics card. It is probably insufficient for a graphics card that requires external power. That, combined with the limited cooling around the graphics slot makes a hot graphics card a bad choice. Given the limited high-end options for AGP cards, it should be fairly easy to avoid overloading the power supply, as few AGP cards consume that much power.

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