ASUS Terminator 2 T2-AE1: Mod-friendly Barebones System

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The BIOS for the T2-AE1 is very basic, with no clock speed or voltage adjustments available. The most tweakable options are found in the Memory Configuration menu, and, as the photo below shows, even that isn't much.

This is the extent of the tweaking options.

Luckily, the Hardware Monitor page is full enough that all of the usual temperatures, voltages and fan speeds are supported. There is even a rudimentary fan controller, although only the Auto mode is worth using.

A full selection of digital dials to watch.

Control freaks can set the fans to a constant speed if they wish, but the minimum support speed is 60% — too high to be usable. In practice, the Auto mode proved to be much quieter than any of the manual modes.

Fan speed can be set to a constant percentage, or Auto gives control over to the motherboard.

The only other noteworthy feature is "Instant Music", which gives the T2-AE1 basic CD player functionality without needing to wait for it to boot into Windows or manually load any software. This has been a feature of ASUS boards for a while, but seems unlikely to see much use. After all, why play just a single CD when waiting for the OS to load lets you play your whole music library?

If you like, you can use the T2-AE1 as a very overpowered, expensive CD player.

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