Puget Delivers a Quiet Core Duo PC

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The SilverStone TJ-08 in which the system is built is a MicroATX case with plenty of intake vents. There are no obvious modifications to the exterior, although the two modifications mentioned above are visible on closer inspection of the back panel. The case looks quite capable of housing a quiet system. The only cause for concern that the gauge of the steel panels is slightly thinner than usual. Hopefully, there is not enough vibration for these panels to become sources of noise.

Sleek and black, with plenty of air vents. We like it already.

The largest intake is on the front bezel: A filtered rectangle of wire mesh that is a little larger than a 120mm fan. In it stock form, there would be a cooling fan right behind it, but Puget has removed it to keep the noise down. With such a low powered system, the extra airflow of the front fan is probably unnecessary.

A thin foam filter lies behind the front intake.

A small vent above the expansion slots provides fresh air to the graphics card.

A secondary air vent is located in the side panel above the expansion slots. The grill is exceptionally unrestrictive. Without the front fan forcing air into the case, it is quite likely that this smaller vent actually provides more air than the front vent. This is a good thing; the hottest component in the case is likely to be the video card, which is right in the path of the airflow.

Extra vents provide fresh air below the video card.

Another source of airflow for the video card are the vents that have been added to the expansion slots below the video card.

The case fan has been replaced by a soft-mounted Scythe S-Flex.

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