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Compared to the massive watercooling system in the last Puget system we looked at, Puget's modifications to this system were fairly minor.

The first modification was to use the two expansion slots below the video card as a source of fresh air. As the photo below shows, this was a simple matter of screwing vented slot covers in place.

Vented slots help cool the graphics card.

The second modification is also simple. At it's heart, it is a simple fan swap, although foam grommets are used to reduce vibration. The grommets are placed on either side of the steel case panel. Strictly speaking, the grommets are probably unnecessary. At 5V, the S-Flex fan spins so slowly that it is hard to imagine it producing much vibration.

A grommet for the outside...

...and another for the inside.

The front case fan was simply removed entirely, allowing a thin air filter to be seen. This filter is apparently a feature of the TJ-08 case, but is is more or less useless in stock form. Whether or not it is effective at blocking dust, it is unlikely to keep the case clean when the side panel contains a large, unfiltered vent through which most of the outside air enters the case.

Front intake vent with thin filter.

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