Zalman CNPS8000: A Worthy Successor?

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Aside from the fact that it has a fan embedded in it, the design of the heatsink is nothing special. It is quite similar to Thermalright's XP-90 and XP-120 heatsinks. The fan blows down on a bed of fins that extend upwards from the base. Four heatpipes help to distribute heat evenly across the fins.

The fins are quite tightly spaced, and, unlike Zalman's flower heatsinks, they do not have the advantage of being more widely spaced away from the center of the heatsink. All of the fins are aluminum (no hybrid AlCu model here), allowing the weight to be kept to a minimum. At 350 grams, the CNPS8000 is lighter than most other aftermarket heatsinks.

The fan is embedded into the body of the heatsink.

The body of the heatsink is very rigid. The fins do not hang from the heatpipes like they do on several other heatsinks; they are firmly attached to the base of the heatsink, maximizing surface area of the fins while keeping height to a minimum. However, without a clear exhaust path for the air, the most central fins are unlikely to be very effective.

The fins are fixed at the base.

Four heatpipes are used.

The base is made of machined copper, and is smooth enough to be serviceable. A certain amount of grain is visible in the surface, but it could not be felt with a fingernail and is unlikely to affect performance.

Some grain is visible in the base.

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