Mushkin XP-650 power supply

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The components, layout, and overall look is fairly typical of other Topower-sourced products we've seen. The heatsinks are perhaps a bit bigger and more grooved than usual. This may translate into better cooling. Overall, it has nice build quality.

All the capacitors are well-gooped in place.

Topower transformer, the smaller HS, and big capacitors beneath.

On one edge of the larger heatsink, we found four trimpots. We expect they are for tweaking output voltage.
If you ever open one of these up, we suggest you leave these pots alone.

The intake fan is a Globe brand medium-speed sleeve bearing model rated at 0.23A.
The clear exhaust fan doesn't have a manufacturer's brand, and is rated at 0.31A, so it might spin a little faster.

The fan control circuit appears to feed both fans the same voltage, so they speed up and slow down in tandem.

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