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Here's an overall photo showing the three chambers and their various cooling aparatus.

all three chambers
The complete system: Four fans, one duct, two baffles, four monster heat sinks on the CPU, NB, GPU and power supply, and some copper and foam are all that's needed for efficient cooling!


The stock P180 case has only one air inlet for the motherboard chamber, and another for the power supply chamber. To efficiently feed the three fans in the motherboard chamber, I needed to expand the inlet cross section.

I had three 5.25" bays available since I use only a single DVD/CD drive. This is ideal for installing a Scythe Kama Bay. The Kama Bay (with its fan removed) more than doubles the inlet area, and provides filtered air.

Installing the Kama Bay without duct tape requires fitting the steel P180 drive clips to its shell, which requires drilling some holes. These clips are made from a very hard steel; to prevent wandering, I needed to clamp the clips between two layers of waste material before drilling. Here is a photo of the Kama Bay with all the hardware installed, ready to be put into the case.

Kama Bay with mounting hardware attached
Scythe Kama Bay with P180 clips attached.

The clips need to be bent outward slightly to engage the chassis slots because the Kama Bay is a bit narrower than a standard CD/DVD drive.

The last step was to remove the front swing-out doors over the P180 dust filters. This is easy: just flip each one open, then press on the tab near the top hinge. Maybe some day if I'm feeling both ambitious and destructive, I'll cut out most of the metal behind the dust filters. The Kama Bay would also work better with much larger holes. Of course I run the system with the main front door open to minimize air flow impedance. Because the system sits behind my desk, this doesn't cause any issues.

Here is the finished front panel:

front panel with Kama Bay
Finished front panel: Kama Bay at the top, P180 dust filters below.

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