Seasonic Goes High End Gaming with the M12

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The exterior finish is classic Seasonic: Matte black, accented by the stainless steel of the wire fan grills. In other words, it's functional and it won't look out of place, but there is no bling to speak of.

One thing that is unusual is the size: The M12 is about two centimeters longer than usual so that the extra fan can be accommodated. On top of that, the detachable connectors require clearance beyond the back panel, increasing the required amount of space even more.

Things don't look too unusual from this angle.

The 60mm fan on the back panel is slightly off-center, where it blows directly over the main transformer. A small note below the fan reads "Temperature activated fan. Rotates only when required" — a fine detail that should help cut the workload of help-my-fan-isn't-spinning calls for Seasonic's tech support team.

The back panel holds a 60mm fan and cable connectors.

Note the two different styles of connector. The thin five-pin sockets are for IDE
and SATA plugs, while the two six pin sockets are for PCI Express.

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