Seasonic Goes High End Gaming with the M12

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The M12 uses the same basic circuit as Seasonic's S12-500 and S12-600, as well as the more recent Energy Plus models. The layout of the PCB is identical; so it seems that the differences between Seasonic's new models are only skin deep. At heart, they all use pretty much the same electronics.

The electronics are almost completely unchanged from other Seasonic models.

The heatsinks match the ones found in the newer Energy Plus line, and are smaller and block less air than the heatsinks in the original S12's.

The heatsinks are the new ones found in Seasonic's Energy Plus series.

Airflow through the power supply is quite good. On the whole, components are widely spaced, and the new heatsinks do not impede air too much. Airflow should be much the same as any other power supply with a 120mm fan, especially at lower loads when the 60mm fan on the back panel hasn't started. When it does come on, the smaller fan serves as spot cooling for the main transformer and the other electronics between the two main heatsinks. It will also prevent exhaust heat from escaping back into the system — an effect that can be quite substantial at higher loads.

There is a gap between the back panel and the PCB to make room for the fan and the cable sockets.

An secondary heatsink provides spot cooling for the diode bridge rectifier.

Seasonic's usual high quality parts.

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