be quiet! Dark Power Pro 430 power supply

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Oct 12, 2006 by Mike Chin

Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 430
BQT P6-430W
ATX12V v2.2 compliant power supply
Listan GmbH und Co. KG
Be Quiet! web site
Revoltec web site
€ 77,50 (430 Watts); € 94,75 (530 Watts) and € 129,20 (600 Watts)

Be Quiet! is certainly a descriptive and unique name for a line of power supplies marketed as being quiet. The Be Quiet! web site claims...

"We utilise innovative technologies and high-quality materials, to be able to guarantee the quality and workmanship of our products. That is how our power supplies provide an efficiency that exceeds 80% by far, as well as a reliability that makes it possible for us to grant a full 3 year warranty.

"be quiet! power supplies are always characterized by an extremely low noise level. We believe that performance does not have to be loud. This assures you the possibility to concentrate on important things, while working with your computer."

The brand name appears to be owned by Listan GmbH und Co. KG of Germany, which also distributes other computer component brands such as Cooler Master, Arctic Cooling, Zalman, AeroCool and MB/Papst fans. It also offers a line of products such as fans, cases, case accessories, water and air cooling, and cables under the name of Revoltec (Revolution Technology). The brand appears to be fairly well distributed in the EU, but not in North America, where search engines turned up no retail visibility.

The Be Quiet! power supplies first came to our attention through posts by EU members of the SPCR forums, who were seeking confirmation of the reputation for low noise these products had garnered. Soon thereafter, Listan's marketing folks inquired whether they could submit samples for review. Naturally, we were open to their approach.

All of this happened months ago. One of the reasons for the long wait for this review is that at the time the samples were sent, there were no 120VAC or universal AC input versions of the Be Quiet! power supplies. The SPCR's PSU test lab is a converted kitchen with a 3-phase 120/240VAC outlet meant for use with an electric stove. We knew it would be possible to use that outlet to obtain the 240VAC required for this review. It took time for us to implement, however, and to ensure that it is safe. That project was finally done a couple of weeks ago.


The Dark Power Pro power supplies come in a fairly large retail package with full color graphics, sealed in cellophane. A 600W model is pictured below along with the 430. The 600 will be examined and the result added as an addendum to this review at a later date.

Multilingual retail packaging for the Dark Power Pro series.

Inside the box: A multilingual manual, the PSU itself, screws, a power cable, velcro cable ties,and a collection of detached output cables.

Yes, the Dark Power Pro is another addition to the growing list of PSUs with detachable output cables.


Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 430 Feature Highlights (from Be Quiet! web site)
Extremely high efficiency of >80% at loads of 50% for reduction of your electricity expenses
It's not "extremely" high any more, especially at 200~240VAC.
Active PFC with PF of up to 0.99 for stabilising and enhancing output voltage values Should be mandatory by now.
The power supply unit is manufactured in line with RoHS Guidelines
This is mandatory now.
The fan follow-up control unit (ECASO) protects your hardware against overheating. Featured in some other PSUs: The fan remains running for 3 minutes after turn off or after being connected to AC. It may be useful; it may be a marketing gimmick. No one knows for sure.
The electronic thermo-control unit controls the power-supply fan speed, as well as the speed of up to 3 case fans directly connected to the power supplies.
The three fan outputs are in parallel with the PSU fan. This can be a useful feature assuming the PSU fan controller is smooth and well designed. It has been done quite a few times in the past; Antec was the first to utilize it in their True Power series a few years ago.
Read-out tacho-signal from the power-supply fan through your mainboard.
Pretty common.
* 3-year warranty
* Service hotline: +49 40 736 76 86 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +49 40 736 76 86      end_of_the_skype_highlighting – 559
* Technical email support: [email protected]
* Multi language manuals
Flexible cable management with 19 high-quality finish, nylon braiding sleeved output cable bundles, of which 17 are removable It's a lot of output cables. Good thing they are removable.
Safety and EMI approvals from CB, CE, TUV, and CSA/UL
ATX12V 2.2 and EPS12V 2.91 These are the latest specs.
Two 6-pin power VGA connectors Only for gamers.
Missing information
There is no information on the kinds of electrical protections the unit has (such as overvoltage, overcurrent, etc.), or the maximum operating temperature at which full power can be delivered.


OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS: Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 430
AC Input
200-240VAC, 6A, 50Hz
DC Output
Maximum Output Current

Maximum Combined

336W (28A)

The 12V ratings are about par for an ATX12V v2.2 power supply. 28A combined is plenty of juice for most systems. The existence of the -5V line is a bit of a surprise as this has not been required by the ATX12V specifications for some years.

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