mCubed's HFX mini: Fanless HTPC "heatsink case"

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The HFX mini design was obviously inspired by high-end audio equipment. As this is a fanless system the massive heatsinks on the enclosure's sides are used to dissipate the heat. While the processor and chipset are connected to the right heatsink with a set of heatpipes the remaining enclosure needs to get rid of the heat from all the other components. There's also a large number of ventilation slots in the HFX mini's cover in order to keep the temperatures inside at bay. Also note that the VFD display is not visible when the system is turned off, giving an elegant subdued look.

Ain't she beautiful?

Here you can clearly see the huge heatsinks.

Thanks to the AOpen motherboard, the X-Fi soundcard and the Hauppauge TV-card the HFX mini comes with an impressive array of connectivity options:

  • SCART for the TV-card's Video-In port
  • DVI-out
  • RGB-out
  • VGA-out
  • S-Video in
  • Video in
  • TV-antenna in...

...and many more ports that you also find on standard PCs. Please also note the small ventilation slots below the expansion cards to help keep them cooled.

The backside showing off the extensive selection of available I/O ports.

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