Zalman ZM600 heatpipe-cooled modular power supply

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The exterior of the ZM600-HP is fairly ordinary, but then again, we don't spend all day looking at our power supply, do we? The case is slightly longer than standard ATX (165mm instead of 140mm), but you 're not likely to have any troubles fitting this power supply into your system.

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

A single 120mm fan draws air into the power supply from below, and a single exhaust on the rear of the power supply ensures that all that air passes over the heatsink. A wire grill protects the fan while providing a low resistance to the airflow.

The heatpipe design is visible through the rear grille of the power supply. Maybe this is an aesthetic touch on Zalman's part, reminding the customer of why they bought this product.

The heatpipe and attached heatsink are clearly visible when viewed from behind.

Aside from the grill of hexagonal holes, the only other opening in the casing is a set of three small slots above the main output cables. Not much heat will be recirculated back into the case through these

There are three types of output connectors for the detachable cables, three 4-pin connectors for standard optical and hard drive power, two 6-pin connectors for SATA power, and one 8-pin for either an extra EPS12V CPU cable or an extra 6-pin PCIe video card power cable.

It is not clear whether each group of outputs is separately current limited. There is no indication at all, either in the manual or their web site, of how the current limits are distributed among the various 12V output connectors.


There are a total of seven sleeved cable sets:

Permanently attached:

  • 18" cable for main 20+4-pin ATX connector
  • 18" cable for 6-pin PCIe connector
  • 18" cable for 2x 2x12V CPU2 connectors — the manual states that these cable can be combined to form an EPS12V CPU 8-pin connector


  • 19" cable for 2x 2x12V CPU2 connectors —the manual states that these cable can be combined to form an EPS12V CPU 8-pin connector
  • 18" cable for 6-pin PCIe connector
  • 32" cable with three 4-pin IDE drive connectors
  • 2 x 32" cable with two 4-pin IDE drive connectors and one floppy connector
  • 2 x 31" cables with three SATA drive connectors

The cables come packaged with five velcro straps which should help with cable management in the system. These cables are not especially long or short.

For those users who like to show off their systems, they will be pleased to know that all the cables provided are sleeved. This also helps keep things neat and tidy inside the case, making it easier to maintain good airflow.

It's easy to see that Zalman is targeting the high end market. The ZM600-HP comes with two PCI-E connectors for gamers who use SLI in their systems. The two 2x12V connectors can be combined to form an EPS12V connector. This is only relevant to those who use dual CPU systems, but it doesn't hurt to have it.

One curiosity is the inlcusion of the second 2x 2x12V CPU2 connector. We know the second 6-pin PCIe power cable is useful for dual video card SLI or Crossfire systems, but what kind of system requires four 2x12V or two 8x12V connectors?

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