Zalman ZM600 heatpipe-cooled modular power supply

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With a typical 600W power supply, we would expect to see some hefty heatsinks, but with the heatpipe drawing much of the heat away from the main components, the main heatsinks are quite a bit smaller than usual, and there is quite a bit of free space inside. The components are fairly tightly packed, restricting airflow, and an empty space at the front of the power supply might trap hot air.

Tightly packed components might impede airflow.

Heatpipe is placed in the center of the exhaust grille.

The fins on the heatpipe/heatsink are tightly spaced, suggesting the need for high airflow to provide sufficient cooling. This is definitely not a good thing for quiet computing. Secondly, the air blown into the power supply is first blown over the central conventional heatsinks, and then out over the heatpipe attached heatsink.

A closer look at the heatpipe and heatsink.

We know that the previous Zalman PSUs were made by Fortron-Source Power, but surprisingly, the UL file number on the UL/CSA certification sticker is Zalman's own. The primary transformer in the middle of the PSU is marked with the letters SPI, which we know to be the acronym for Sparkle Power Inc, a sister company to FSP. So Zalman remains with the same supplier that they've used since their very first PSU some five years ago.


The medium speed ball bearing fan is made by Adda, a name found in many of the quietest power supplies today. We hope that this will help the system stay as quiet as possible, while still extracting as much heat as possible from the heatsink.

Adda fan adds to the build quality.

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