Corsair HX520W & HX620W Modular power supplies

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The exterior of the Corsair PSUs is not usual. The black/yellow (520) and black/red (620) color scheme is attractive.

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

No vents other than the fan intake and backside exhaust grill.

A single 120mm fan draws air into the power supply from below, blows it across the heatsinks, then out the low-impedance back grill. A wire grill protects the fan while providing a low resistance to the airflow.

Five connectors for SATA and ATA drive power connectors; two for PCIe 12V power.
(Do these connectors look familiar to you, by the way?)

The labels for the PSUs.

We know of course that Corsair is not the manufacturer, but the E307858 UL file number marked on the label does belong to Corsair. Opening the unit up should tell us who actually manufactures these PSUs.


The main output cables are sleeved; the rest are black plastic insulated. No color coding here.

There are a total of nine cable sets for the HX520W:

Permanently connected:

  • 19" cable for main 20+4-pin ATX connector
  • 19" cable for 4x12V EPS12V
  • 19" cable for 2x12V AUX12V


  • 2 x 21" cable for 6-pin PCIe connector
  • 2 x 31" cable with three 4-pin IDE drive connectors
  • 1 x 16" cable with two 4-pin IDE drive connectors
  • 6" 4-pin IDE to two 12V only 4-pin IDE connectors (meant for fans)
  • 6" 4-pin IDE to two floppy drive power connectors
  • 2 x 25" cables with two SATA drive connectors

The HX620W comes with two more 25" cables with two SATA drive connectors for a total of 11 detachable cables.

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