Corsair HX520W & HX620W Modular power supplies

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The internal layout of the components on the PCB is neat and tidy, and the black (painted, most likely) heatsinks are fairly chunky. If it looks familiar to you, this is no surprise. You've seen many pictures of very similar PSU internals here at SPCR over the last couple years. It look virtually identical to the latest Seasonic S12s, with the exception of the black color of the heatsinks. (Now you recall, you saw those output side connectors on the Seasonic M12 review pictures.) Whatever. Someone had to make this PSU, and it would be silly for Corsair to make their own. Choosing Seasonic as their OEM is a perfectly wise decision, considering how successful Seasonic PSUs have been, not only for silent PC enthusiasts but for demanding PS users of all stripes and colors.

Nice clean layout, anodized heatsinks.

It looks very similar to the latest S12s.

As claimed by Corsair, the capacitors are rated for 105°C. The output connectors are soldered on to a separate PCB on the inside panel.

A closer look at output socket PCB, main transformer and primary cap.


The high speed ball bearing fan is made by Adda, the same model used in the Seasonic M12. Presumably, the fan controller will keep the noise in check.

Familiar Adda fan.

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