MoDT Mismatch: AOpen i945GTt-VFA & Silverstone LC-12

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The design of the LC-12 is pretty simple. It's basically a box with a few venting holes in it to let heat out. As mentioned, there are no system fans of any kind, which means that, with the exception of the CPU fan on our motherboard, the system will be running fanlessly.

The appearance is classy, thanks mostly to the brushed aluminum finish, but pretty basic. The power button, power and HDD LEDs, and the front ports are all easily accessible — and easily visible — in a horizontal line along the bottom edge of the fascia. Mirroring it on top is the slim line of the optical drive, which, as mentioned, does not have a cover. Aside from that, it's a silver box, and no amount of brushed aluminum is going to say otherwise.

The front panel could really use a silver drive bay cover.

The back panel is about half open to make room for the I/O ports on the motherboard.

This jack is for power input, but nowhere does it say that it expects 12V DC.

It's possible to sum up the airflow through the LC-12 very quickly: There's not much of it. In fact, the two vents shown in the photo below are the only cooling vents on the entire case. The total vent area can't be much more than five square inches (35 cm²) total. With no fans forcing air through the vents, it's likely to get pretty hot inside. For low-powered EPIA systems, this won't be a problem; total power dissipation for these systems is rarely more than 15~20W. However, our Core Duo-based system will be different. We'll have to see how things turn out.

These vents are the extent of airflow management.

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