MoDT Mismatch: AOpen i945GTt-VFA & Silverstone LC-12

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Installation was simple. There's simply not enough room to put many components in, and the LC-12 is basically an open tray when disassembled. The only real challenge was keeping cables away from the CPU heatsink so that they would not impede airflow.

The interior layout is as simple as the exterior. The motherboard lies on the bottom of the case, while the drives (the only possible peripherals) are screwed to a drive tray that sits across the top. The drive tray is removed, the motherboard screwed into the bottom, and then the drive tray is replaced with the drives installed.

The drive tray hangs above the system.

The drive tray is basically a long aluminum plate that runs the length of the case. The optical drive sits on top, while the hard drive hangs underneath. There are mounting holes for both standard and notebook hard drives, but, as mentioned, the optical drive must be a slim, mobile version. Both drives are in the front half of the case, leaving room for a large hole in the back half of the mounting tray, presumably to allow an extra half inch of space for the CPU heatsink.

This drive tray sits across the top of the case.

The hard drive is screwed to the bottom of the drive tray.

Motherboard in place without the drive tray...

...and with the drive tray and all cables connected.

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