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Dec 7, 2006 by Kelly Stich

Mirra Personal Server M-250
Model number: ST3250823ET-RK
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Please welcome Kelly Stich, a new member of the SPCR editorial team in Vancouver. A recent graduate of the Electronics B.Sc. Program at the University of Victoria, Kelly's day job is with a major utility in B.C. This is Kelly's first article for SPCR.

- Mike Chin, Editor

Seagate's Mirra Personal Server is designed to prevent the loss of data from the hard drives in your network. This is especially useful in our current digital age where many of us have traded in our filing cabinet for a "My Documents" folder. However, the Mirra allows more than simple backups, it also offers such features as synching multiple computers, restoring deleted files, and web access.

Our first look at the Seagate Mirra Personal Server.

Feature Highlights of Seagate Mirra (from Seagate's Website )
Sync content automatically between PCs and/or Macs
Great for a home network with multiple computers.
Securely share content with co-workers, customers, friends and family with password protection and controlled access features In the workplace security is of utmost importance, in the home it is ease of use, Mirra offers both.
Automatically back up your files and save the 8 most recent versions
Never lose a file again, hopefully…
Stay connected to and retrieve your content from anywhere through secure remote access This sounds like a handy feature. Access is actually provided through the Mirra website.
Easily set up and manage content within minutes Hopefully it is as easy as they say.
MirraGuard Data Protection Guarantee protects you from data loss if your PC or Mac hard drive fails Full details here; basically it is a three year guarantee for the original purchaser to recover data lost due to a failure with the host computer or the Mirra.
Worry-free one-year warranty covers all parts and labor About the minimum a manufacturer can provide.

Noticeably missing from the list of features is the ability to act as a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, i.e. it does not provide any additional storage space to use.

Out of the box.

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