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Mirra has an impressive list of features, for which it has won awards and high reviews from other sites. The Mirra's main purpose is to mirror the folders you select in a manner similar to RAID 1. Mirra's software runs a background service that connects to the device and monitors these folders. It does this very well; only once in the two week test period did the connection drop-out and then for only a few minutes. The only downside is that after the Mirra has been turned off for a while, the service scans all files in the selected folder. This is particularly annoying if the folder contains many small files and/or the drive seek is loud.

When Mirra detects that a file is out of date it will copy over the newer version. The user can enter the software interface and view the previous eight versions held on the Mirra. If the file has been corrupted or some great mistake has been made, a previous version can be restored. The file can also be saved to another location with a different name.

Mirra saves up to eight versions of each file, each of which can be restored.

Mirra.com provides a web interface for remote access to the files stored on the device. After installation you will be prompted to create a free web access account. Files uploaded through mirra.com will propagate to any computers monitoring the folder. This is a great feature for a business person who may telecommute or spend time on the road. The web interface is reasonably fast and stable. Most importantly, the website uses encryption and has a secure sign-on page for added security.

Web access can also be used to share photos and files with friends as well. The "Share a folder" feature can be enabled for members of the local network or by email address. When sharing with a friend through email, they will be sent an email with instructions to create there own account to access the files. Web users can be given read-only or photo-only access.

Access your files through the Mirra.com web interface.

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