Antec TruePower Trio 550

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The TruePower Trio case has a no-frills metal finish. The only styling feature worthy of note is the gold-plated fan grill.

No-frills styling from this angle of the TruePower Trio.

The gold-plated fan grill is the same as on the TruePower 2.0.

The label.


The main output cables are sleeved; the rest are not.

Permanently connected:

  • 20" cable for main 20+4-pin ATX connector
  • 17" cable for 4x12V EPS12V
  • 20" cable for 2x12V AUX12V
  • 2 x 19" cable for 6-pin PCIe connector
  • 1 x 35" cable with three 4-pin IDE drive connectors and one floppy connector
  • 1 x 30" cable with three 4-pin IDE drive connectors
  • 1 x 17" 4-pin IDE to two 12V only 4-pin IDE connectors (meant for fans)
  • 1 x 25" cable for internal fan RPM sensing
  • 2 x 24" cables with two SATA drive connectors

The Antec TruePower Trio cables are all firmly affixed to the PSU. Worth mentioning is that the only cable that has a protective sleeve is the main 20+4-pin ATX cable. A nice feature of the Trio is that it has fan outputs connected to the internal fan controller. If the fan controller is good, this would eliminate the need to purchase additional fan voltage regulators. There is also a 3-pin connector meant for monitoring the RPM of the 120mm fan.

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