Antec TruePower Trio 550

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The interior of this model closely resembles other models that we have seen lately in the SPCR lab. Antec has released several models produced by Seasonic, and this model looks like another one. What grabs our eye are the heatsinks, transformer brand and placement, and the general layout. All of these shout Seasonic as the OEM of this power supply. As Seasonic has ranked at the top of our PSU recommendations for years, this is definitely not a bad thing. However, just because it is produced by Seasonic doesn't mean it will be as good as the best the Seasonic makes.

The internals of the TruePower Trio reveal a very clean design with good airflow. As typical with 120mm bottom mount fans, the air flows into the unit, across the heatsinks, and exhausts through the rear grill. The rear grill has the square holes stamped into it, not quite as desirable as the hexagonal grills, but it still allows for good airflow. This model has no side vents to draw in (or expel) air.

The TruePower Trio opened for all to see.

Airflow on this side is impeded by the input connector and output wires.

The heatsinks used on this model are smaller than on some other Seasonic-made PSUs we have seen recently.


The fan used is ADDA model AD1212HB-A73GL, described as a high speed, low noise fan. While we typically prefer to see the lower speed models, this fan has been used on the Seasonic M12 and the Corsair models with very positive results. Used correctly with a high quality fan controller, or with undervolting, it can be as quiet as the lower speed models.

This is the same fan used in the Seasonic M12 and Corsair models.

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