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Two new aluminum cases from Silverstone, one large and one small, were noteworthy on the show floor. On the large size is the new TJ-09. Sporting 4 external optical bays and room for half a dozen hard drives, the TJ09 is designed for the “ultimate performance and quietness”. 120mm fans abound: A pair occupy top blowhole exhaust locations with another as a rear exhaust and one in an unusual mid-case intake vent to force fresh air directly at the VGA card area. The hard drives live in a pair of removable racks situated cross ways in a separate chamber in front of the mid case intake. The HDD chamber features mesh on both sides of the case as well as the bottom. If this passive cooling is not enough for the hard drives a fifth 120mm fan can be mounted on the left side of the HDD chamber, blowing across the drives and out the far side.

Fancy, side-mounted air vent... and a window for good measure.

The internal layout reminds us of an Antec P180 — without the separate chambers.

Hard drives are slightly damped and mounted vertically.

Watercooling grommets were the hot new gimmick for several manufacturers.


At the opposite end of the case size spectrum is the tiny new SG-03. The SG-03 is over an inch shorter and nearly three inches shallower than the already small Silverstone TJ-08, and is both shorter and shallower than the Antec NSK3300. But don't let the small size fool you, the SG03 features a pair of 120mm fans for cooling: both mounted as intakes for an all-positive airflow path. There is room for a pair of 3.5” HDD's in dampened mounting sleds on the floor of the case along with one external optical bay. The PSU, although full-size ATX compatible, occupies the space immediately above the CPU socket, limiting the choices for CPU HSF. Silverstone was quick to suggest that the PSU location does lend itself to the idea of passive CPU cooling using one of their NT-06 heatsinks (or any non-tower heatsink, for that matter).

One of the smallest Micro-ATX cases we've ever seen.

Full size power supplies are supported thanks to its creative layout.

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SPCR would like to thank all of the vendors and exhibitors at CES this year who took the time to share their new products with us. Look for reviews of at least some of these products to be forthcoming over the next year as they become available.

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SilverStone Temjin TJ-07

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