Lian-Li HPC-600 power supply

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Flat black is the finish here. The only cover on the casing is the silverish Lian Li logo at the center of the wire fan grill. A 120mm fan draws air into the power supply from the internals of the system. The only exit is out the rear, where the grill offers low resistance due to the ample spacing of the mesh. A simple wire grill protects the fan from cables or prying fingers while providing a low resistance to the airflow.

Simplicity at its best.

Modular cable connectors are nicely color coded.

The label for the HPC-600.

Checking the UL file number on the label at the UL Online Certifications Directory tells us that the power supply is built by Sirtec International, an electronics manufacturer headquartered in Taiwan. We've only tested one other Sirtec-sourced power supply, the HighPower PHC300, but that was over four years ago. We have no opinion on the manufacturer, other than to note that Sirtec has been around for four decades.


The main output cables are sleeved; the rest are black plastic insulated. No color coding here.

The HPC series comes with a healthy lineup of cable connectors that should suit just about everyone's needs. Here are the detachable cables:

  • 21" cable for main 20+4-pin ATX connector
  • 22" cable for 2x12V AUX12V
  • 2 x 22 " cable for 6-pin PCIe connector with ferrite ring
  • 29" cable with two 4-pin IDE drive connectors
  • 2 x 45" cable with three 4-pin IDE drive connectors (with grips) and 1 floppy drive connector
  • 2 x 29" cable with two SATA power connector
  • 22" fan RPM sensor cable
  • 4" ATX pass-through connector for multi-PSU setups

Permanently connected:

  • 2 x 21" "fan only" connectors
  • 22" fan RPM sensor cable

This is first PSU we've seen whose primary ATX and 2x12V cables are both detachable. The need for these cables to be detachable is somewhat questionable, as they always need to be used. An extra break in the cable means another point of potential voltage drop.

ATX pass-through connector lets you electrically strap two PSUs together.

The ATX pass-through connector is an interesting feature. It allows a second power supply to be linked to the HPC-600 (or 500) and be turned on / off with the same power switch. That's about all the manual states; there is no information about how the components should be wired up to the PSUs in such a setup. For extreme gamers, this may be a superior solution than one of those kilowatt PSUs. The HPC's 440W maximum 12V power capacity should be enough for a current CPU and two high power video cards. Any HDDs and other peripherals could be driven by a secondary, less highly rated PSU, perhaps a 300W unit, which would be enough for, say, even a dozen HDDs and a couple of optical drives. It also allows a step-by-step upgrade of power as needed... for example, if a second high power video card added to the system leaves the original PSU no longer adequate to power everything. Lian Li really should provide more information about how best to use this feature, however.

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