Lian-Li HPC-600 power supply

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The components of the HPC series are neatly laid out within the housing of the PSU. The transformer and main capacitor are clearly visible from above, and large black heatsinks cover much of the remaining surface area. There isn't much obstruction in the way of the airflow, which is what we like to see.

The large capacitor sticks out of the heatsinks.

Not much extra room here.

The main capacitor is rated for a higher than normal 105°C. We're seeing this more often these days. While we expect that the high temperature requirement will never be needed, it doesn't hurt, and shows care taken in component selection.

The main capacitor and transformer coil.


A 120mm fan is installed in the Lian Li. It's a Globe Fan that we haven't specifically tested before, but it's got one eye-catching feature: The blades are dimpled much like a golf ball. For golf balls, this is done to improve the aerodynamic efficiency, but we're not sure how it would affect the overall performance of this fan. Hopefully it was either to improve airflow or to decrease noise. This model uses a sleeve bearing, and is a "low speed" fan rated for 76.3CFM at its 2000RPM max speed, with a 36.1dBA noise level. That's not particularly low, but a good thermal fan controller can keep the fan spinning slowly enough to be very quiet most of the time.

A Globe Fan blows hot air out of this PSU.

Close-up of the dimpled fan blades.

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