Scythe Andy Samurai Master CPU heatsink/fan

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March 1, 2007 by Mike Chin

Scythe Andy Samurai Master
Model SCASM-1000: Socket 478 / 775 / AM2 CPU Heatsink
Market Price

Scythe is a Japanese heatsink brand whose products we've usually looked forward to reviewing. Not only are their heatsinks ambitious, creative and unusual, the guys behind the brand seemed to be having a lot of fun with simple things like Japanese names for their models: Kamakiri (Scythe Sword), Kamaboko (Scythe Halberd / fish cake), Kamakaze (Scythe Wind), Katana (Japanese longsword) and so on.

After the Scythe Ninja became the King Kong of the high performance, low airflow, low noise CPU coolers, Scythe introduced the Mine (pronounced mee-né, Summit), the Samurai, the Infinity, and now, the Andy Samurai Master. The Scythe web site conjures up the phrase, "Where East meets West!" in its description of this model. How a heatsink is East or West, we can only conjecture; we suspect this reference is only about the name.

According to Devon, who is something of an afficionado of Japanese anime films, Andy Samurai Master is a brash, young western samurai character. That's about all Devon can remember, but it's enough to explain the retail box, which is visually one of the loudest ever to arrive at SPCR.

In any case, the Andy is a bit of a departure from most of Scythe's big heasinks in the last two years. It is designed for straight-down fan airflow, rather than the parallel-to-motherboard airflow of the tower designs like the Infinity, Ninja, Katana, or the even earlier FCS-50 and NCU-1000/2000.

This is one of the "loudest" heatsink boxes we've ever seen.

The cooler itself is in cool aluminum and has support for socket 775, AM2 and even 478. There's also an illustrated installation guide and a package of Thermal Interface Material to apply between CPU and heatsink base.

Scythe Andy Samurai Master Feature Highlights (from the product web page)
Feature & Brief Our Comment
IIFS - Infinity Interleave Fin Structure
Seeking the better way to efficiently dissipate the heat from total 6 heatpipes to heatink fins, this IIFS makes the quick & efficient heat transfer ever!
Fin spacing is very tight around the heatpipes, but fairly open through the rest of the heatsink.
Top-Flow High-End CPU Cooler
“Top-Flow” airflow can cool both the CPU and the motherboard components simultaneously!
To imply that this is a unique feature is a bit cheeky, as the vast majority of OEM and standard HSF are configured this way. Perhaps inadequate cooling of motherboard components has been an issue with their tall tower heatsinks?
Tool Free Easy Installation
Newly developed & “patent pending” mounting mechanism “VTMS (Versatile Toll-Free Multiplatform System) allows user to install the Andy Samurai Master CPU Cooler without any tool and hassle.
A convenient mounting system similar to that used on the Infinity, Samurai Z and Mine coolers. A pair of needle nose pliers can be helpful, however.
Universal Socket Compatibility with AM2
Andy Samurai Master CPU Cooler is compatible for socket 478/754/939/940/AM2 & LGA775. All in one solution for your PC system.
Achieved with three types of detachable clips. The AMD clip uses the right size hook to engage the single or center lug on each side of the plastic retention bracket.

Scythe Andy Samurai Master Specifications (from the product web page)
Model Number
Combined Dimensions
124 x 135 x 125(H) mm
Intel LGA775 (SocketT) Processors
Intel Socket 478 Processors
AMD Socket AM2 Processors
AMD Socket 940 Processors
AMD Socket 939 Processors
AMD Socket 754 Processors
Fan Dimensions
120 x 120 x 25 mm
Noise Level
20.94 dBA
Air Flow
1,200 RPM (±10%)
Bearing Type Sleeve

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