Enermax Galaxy: A KiloWatt power supply

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Note the little red button next to the power button. That's the reset for the Power Guard.

It looks innocuous from the back.

Those vents could end up dumping heat back into the case.

The output cable side has a pretty big opening, a series of slot vents. Its possible that the airflow in the PSU is designed to make those vents act as intakes, to pull air out from the case through the PSU. On the other hand, they could very easily turn into exhaust vents. Unless the 80mm fan is spinning much faster than the 135mm fan, the flow of the latter will far exceed the former. Faced with any bottleneck, air simply finds the path of least resistance, which in this case, could be the slot vents. The downside is that some of the heat of the PSU itself will simply find its way back into the interior of the case/system.


Impressions are positive. The components are packed in tightly, and the quality of the visible components looks good. All the smaller capacitors jammed in near the coils at the bottom of the photo below are rated 105°C, for example. The main large capacitors, on the other hand, are rated 85°C. Note the two 12V transformers

Despite its large casing, it's fairly well packed.

Under that gray mat to the left is a third smaller transformer. We speculate the flap is used for better venting since it's also covering part of the intake. As you can see, long heatsinks line the rectifiers for heat dissipation. The fins are fairly short, but their number make up for that somewhat.


As already mentioned, Enermax has chosen a larger fan than the 12cm standard. This may seem an obvious development, and it is. A bigger fan moves more air in as many turns. The 13.5 fan is listed in the Globe Fan web site and is rated for maximum 1800 RPM, 96 CFM airflow, and 40.4 dBA (presumably at 1m).

This "Silence" brand fan model number shows up in Globe Fan's database.

The 80mm fan is a SuperRed brand by Cheng Home Electronic.

The Super Red brand of fan was used briefly in Seasonic Super Silencer power supplies a couple of years ago. This particular model uses a double ball bearing and is rated for 3600 RPM, 44-46 CFM and 37-39 dBA.

Neither fan will be quiet at full speed, but a good fan controller should be able to keep them pretty quiet.

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