Antec P182 Advanced Super Midtower Case: P180 v.2

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Feature Highlights of the Antec P182SE (from the product web page)
Feature & Brief Our Comment
High quality stainless steel exterior with mirror finish May look nice; depends on surroundings. Keep a cleaning cloth handy. It shows up every fingerprint and smudge.
Dual chambers: The power supply (not included) is located in the lower chamber to isolate heat from the system and lower system noise Core feature of original P180 design. The airflow of the PSU fan is also enough to keep a couple of drives in the low chamber cool.
Special three-layer side panel and front door (stainless steel, plastic, aluminum) dampens system generated noise, making this one of the quietest cases available Again, core feature of original P180. They help with acoustics, but you still need to choose quiet components.
0.8mm cold rolled steel for durability through the majority of chassis, 1.0mm cold rolled steel around the 4x HDD area It's definitely a sturdy and heavy case.
Flexible snake light (installed), lights your way while working inside the case Nice new feature.


Specifications of the Antec P182SE
Case Dimensions
21.3"(H) x 8.1"(W) x 19.9"(D)
52cm(H) x 21cm(W) x 51cm(D)
Drive Bays
11 total --
- Front Accessible: 4 x 5.25", 1 x 3.5"
- Internal: 6 x 3.5"
Expansion Slots
Cooling System
- 1 rear (standard) 120mm TriCool Fan w/ 3-speed switch control
- 1 top (standard) 120mm TriCool Fan
- External 3-speed fan control on rear panel for 2 fans in the upper chamber
- 1 front (optional) 120mm fan in upper chamber
- 1 lower chamber (standard) 120mm TriCool Fan
Main Board Size
Up to standard ATX: 12" (W) x 9.6" (L)
Weight (net/gross)
31/36 lbs
14.1/16.3 Kg
Standard ATX
Special Features
- Internal mounts with rubber grommets
- Upper and lower chamber structure
- Three-layer side panel
- Front 2 USB + 1 FireWire + Audio in/out Ports
- Double hinge door designed to open up to 270º
- Rubber grommeted ports on rear for liquid-cooling tubes to mount external liquid-cooling hardware
- Cable organizer behind motherboard tray minimizes cable clutter
- Flexible snake light (only in Special Edition)
Package Contents
1 Tower Case
1 set of screws and motherboard standoffs
1 Installation manual

A close comparison of the P182 and P180 specifications shows that they are exactly the same size. The P182 also has these additional features:

  • External 3-speed fan control on rear panel for 2 fans in the upper chamber. The speed of the fans can be adjusted without opening up the case.
  • Flexible snake light to illuminate your way while working inside the case. (Only in the SE model.)
  • The ineffective VGA card cooling duct and fan of the first generation P180 is no longer included.
  • There are rubber grommeted ports on the rear panel for liquid-cooling tubes to mount external liquid-cooling hardware, such as radiators. This is in recognition of the popularity of the P180 among über-gamers who want to use watercooling.
  • Cable organizer behind motherboard tray minimizes cable clutter. This last item seems like a small, but it describes a number of changes that collectively improve cable management from a challenge in the P180 to a fairly routine procedure in the P182.

One difference not identified in the specs is the presence of new cable routing holes in the motherboard tray itself. It's part and parcel of the improved cable organization system. You'll see this in later photos.

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