Antec P182 Advanced Super Midtower Case: P180 v.2

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Two black thumbscrews hold the main side panel in place, while the other less often accessed panel is secured with three screws. The interior is little changed from the P180.

Photo above shows lower PSU + 4 HDDs chamber with fan in between, the sliding cable-door between the top and bottom chambers, the 2-HDD cage in the top chamber, and cables from the front panel. Note: The white object in the lower HDD cage is a box of accessories.

Photo above shows upper chamber with 120mm fans on top and back panel, new gooseneck work light and part of the 4-bay optical drive cage and 2-bay HDD cage.

The photo above shows both upper and low hard drive cages removed. They feature very sturdy steel construction. Note silicone rubber grommets to minimize HDD vibration conduction to the case. The nifty side parts box on the upper 2-bay HDD cage has been retained from the P180. Also note optional fan mount behind upper chamber intake vent. The fan in the middle of the lower chamber was removed when this photo was taken.

A small box holds accessories, including a bag of screws and other small hardware, reusable cable ties, drive rails for optical and floppy drives, a grill for the top panel fan, clips for attaching an optional fan for the front upper chamber, and a soft cloth for wiping down the mirror finish. A fairly detailed multilingual manual (not pictured) is also provided.


This is where the cable management features have been implemented. Perhaps you can spot them in the photo below. If not, the second photo details them along with a PSU.

The above changes may seem minor, but there's no question that they will ease cable management tremendously. The difficulty of neatly routing cables was a major complaint from P180 users. Power cables have to go from the bottom location up to the motherboard, and also over to the lower HDD cage. Data cables also need to go from the HDDs in the bottom front chamber to the motherboard, with the lower fan in the middle (if it is used). All of these routes were difficult to navigate without cable clutter, which can be a significant impediment to airflow — particularly important when airflow is kept low to minimize noise.

Adequate cable length may be an issue with some power supplies. Remember that the PSU is located on the "wrong" side of the motherboard; it is normally above the CPU socket area in a conventional ATX tower case. If the main ATX connector is on the top edge of the motherboard, then that cable has to run quite a long way, and probably needs to be some 16"~18" long, assuming the starting point at the PSU is on the far side of the case. Most of the higher-end, higher rated power supplies that are likely to be used with this case will have the long cables that are needed. OEM power supplies with short cables definitely will not work well here.

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