Antec P182 Advanced Super Midtower Case: P180 v.2

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Installation procedures were thoroughly covered in the review Antec P180 Review, Part 2: The Whole Nine Yards, and they have changed little, so they will not be repeated here. There are also extensive tips on assembly on page 12 of that review.

A powerful gaming system was installed in the P182SE, consisting of the following components, mostly chosen for quiet suitability and convenience (ie, they were nearby and ready to be used):

The CPU fan was plugged into the Gigabyte motherboard, whose fan controller in the BIOS was set for automatic thermal fan control. Both of the hard drives were mounted in the lower chamber.

The photos below show the finished system. The hardware assembly was completed in about 90 minutes, and there were no tricky or difficult phases.

The above photo may suggest some wiring clutter, but it's an illusion. The cable are mostly flush with the motherboard, and they do not stand in the airflow path at all.

This photo shows the upper chamber with the HDD cage in place. You can see how the wire routing holes were put to good use. All the wiring for the fans, the internal light, and the AUX12V (2x12V) feed to the motherboard were run through the top left hole.

The HDDs with wiring, just before installation of drive cage.

These cables would have made a big mess if run on the other side. Putting the side cover back on required a bit of finesse due to the thickness of some of the bunched cables and connectors, but it was not difficult.

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