Nexus NX-8060 ATX power supply

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May 29, 2007 by Mike Chin

Nexus NX8060
600W ATX12V v2.2 Power Supply
Sample Supplier
End PC Noise
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Nexus is a specialist in quiet computing components based in the Netherlands. Over the years, they've done a good job of sourcing the right suppliers to bring quiet products to this marketplace. The Nexus brand fans, for example, are among the very few reference fans we use in our reviews. Nexus is also one of the pioneers of quiet computer power supplies, along with Seasonic and a couple of other names which now seem to have passed into history. In SPCR's early days, the Nexus NX-3000 was the quietest off-the-shelf PSU and reigned atop the silent hill for quite a long time. Surprisingly, their last couple of models (notably the NX-9003) seemed a bit dated against a wave of modern, high efficiency competitors.

The newly introduced NX-8000 series look to be a major advancement. Over 80% efficiency is claimed, and all three models in the series have modular cabling with interfaces for a wide variety of modern PC components. Naturally, very low noise is specified.

The NX-8060 under review is a 600W model at the top of the series. The main difference between it and the others in the line appears to be the power rating: 500W for the NX-8050 and 400W for the NX-8040. The three units do have slightly different SPL ratings; the NX-8060 is rated at ~ 1 and ~2 [email protected] higher than the other models at idle. Regardless, at 19.6 dBA (idle) the NX-8060 promises to be very quiet indeed.

The boxes are also much changed from the white and yellow cubes of yesteryear.

Plain black finish, minimum bling and a big bundle of cables.



Nexus NX-8060 Feature Highlights (from the Nexus web site)
Meets ATX 12V Version 2.2 Specifications
The current industry standard for ATX power supplies.
80-plus; a minimum of 80% efficiency guaranteed at all loads! The standard already set by many PSUs we've tested. It's not clear whether Nexus is referring to the US certification program; the PSU does not have the identifying 80 Plus sticker and Nexus is not listed among certified manufacturers.
Modular, sleeved cables Not unusual, and nice for cable management. The connectors look sturdy, and the different types of ends may help with good current distribution.
Real silent performance with just 19.6 dB(A) in idle mode Of course, we'll be trying to verify this claim... and to see what happens at higher loads.
Enough cables and connectors for any high-end system Agreed.
Full range automatic VAC input Fairly common for Active PFC power supplies.
UL, CSA, DVE, FCC, CE and CB approved Safety standards; the more the merrier.
Complies to WEEE & RoHS environment directives Required in the EU these days.

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